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Recently, I just discovered Wanderer Bracelets. These bracelets are handcrafted by local artisans in Bali and the proceeds go to these artisans so that they can help support their families. Purchasing these bracelets create sustainable job opportunities for them and family members don’t have to leave their villages to find jobs.

For every bracelet that they make, the artisans incorporate their artistic traditions that have been passed down for generations. Each bracelet is hand carved from water buffalo bone. Note that they only use bones from water buffalo that had passed away. Therefore, no water buffalo has ever been killed for its bones. It is also a healthy alternative to ivory!

I often love handmade jewelry, especially ones that has meaning and serves a purpose. So when I learned what Wanderer Bracelets is all about, I was sold.

Wanderer Bracelets have several selections of bracelets that you can pick from. They have a feather, pineapple, anchor, beach waves…and also a custom coordinates one that you can request to have specific coordinates of your choice engraved onto the bone slate. These bracelets are adjustable so that it can fit any wrist size. They are inexpensive and Wanderer Bracelets offer free shipping on all orders.

I chose the compass (with tassles) because I love to dwell into my own personal interests in creativity and new experiences without losing my way back home. My compass bracelet is only $16 USD. For every purchase, they also include a handwritten Thank You note in your package, which I think is so thoughtful. Hope you enjoy these bracelets as much as I do!





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