I absolutely love this time of the year. Christmas decorations, holiday-featured Starbucks drinks and the many sales puts me in the best mood!

However, one of my favorite things to do is to put together some creative holiday gift wrapping. I didn’t want to use typical wrapping paper and bows this year. Instead, I got simple brown kraft paper and added a variety of embellishments to it! It’s different, quirky and quite stylish.

First, I compiled a bunch of things together that I think could be used to make great additions to the brown kraft paper. See my below list. There are a few decorative pieces that I already have at home. However, I bought more holiday-related items at my local Michael’s, HomeGoods & AC Moore. These stores are already having a lot of their holiday stuff on sale! Therefore, I was able to get most of these things at an affordable cost.

  • Several rolls of ribbon
  • Baking twine strings in red, green and white/gold
  • Pom poms in different shades of blue and green
  • Paints & thin tip paintbrush
  • Decorative white flowers
  • Decorative berry floral sprays in pewter and gold
  • Arrow stencils
  • Gift tags
  • Foam sponge
  • Black Sharpie

Of course, the main essentials that you need are the following:

  • Brown kraft paper
  • Scissors
  • Clear packaging tape
  • Hot glue gun or gorilla glue


  1. Put all your things in gift boxes.
  2. Next, wrap your gift boxes in brown paper.

Hand-Painted Christmas Tree Wrapping

  1. However, for a few of my presents, I decided to paint Christmas trees on the brown paper before wrapping it in them. I think hand-painted art gives it a vintage, country look!
  2. I quickly hand painted Christmas trees by doing the following:
    • For my 1st wrapping paper, I drew a Christmas tree on a piece of foam and cut it out.
      • I used the cut-out Christmas tree foam as a guide for me to pencil Christmas tree shapes on the brown kraft paper.
      • Using a thin tip paintbrush, I outlined the Christmas trees with white paint.
      • Let the paper sit to dry. 
    • For my 2nd wrapping paper, I freely hand-painted red Christmas trees with my paintbrush.
      • Except this time, I am coloring in the trees to make solid red Christmas trees. (If you find a Christmas tree shaped sponge, (that would be easier to use! However, I couldn’t find any so I painted trees myself.)
      • Let the paper sit to dry.
  3. Please note that painting these Christmas trees don’t have to be perfect. The imperfections of each tree makes it unique. So don’t worry if one tree is fatter than the other. Just quickly paint them so that you’ll only have to spend 15 min. at the most for this task!
  4. Once both painted brown papers are dry, wrap your gifts in them! Lastly, top it off with twine string in a color of your choice.

Pom Pom Christmas Tree Wrapping

  1. Take one of your plain wrapped gift boxes.
  2. Next, gather the pom poms that come in various shades of blue and green.
  3. Start gluing the pom poms onto the package until you’re able to form a Christmas tree.
  4. Let the package sit to dry so that the pom poms are glued onto the brown wrapping paper.
  5. Add decorative ribbon of your choice.

Ribbons & Other Decorative Embellishments

A. Simply Elegant

  1. Take one of your plain wrapped gift boxes.
  2. Use a polk-a-dotted taupe ribbon. Wrap it around the box horizontally. Tie the ribbon beneath the box tightly so that the ribbon doesn’t move.
  3. Wrap white/gold twine string around the box a couple of times. Also, slide in a gift tag. Tie the string beneath the box tightly so that the strings don’t move.
  4. Take one of the decorative berry floral sprays in gold. Chop off a stem piece using heavy duty scissors or pliers.
  5. Take a decorative bouquet of white flowers. Chop off a stem piece using heavy duty scissors or pliers.
  6. Tuck the berry twig & white flower stem piece into the twine strings.

B. Stenciling

  1. Take one of your plain wrapped gift boxes.
  2. Use a turquoise print ribbon. Wrap it around the box horizontally, preferably towards the bottom. Tie the ribbon beneath the box tightly so that the ribbon doesn’t move.
  3. Use a glitter red ribbon. Wrap it around the box vertically, preferably towards the left side. Tie the ribbon with the bow showing on top.
  4. Prepare a paper plate palette – with copper paint on one side and white paint on the other side.
  5. Take your foam sponge, dip it into copper and smudge it around the gift box. You don’t have to completely cover the entire top of the box. The addition of copper just gives it a little shimmer effect.
  6. Take the arrow stencil and place it on the box. Take the foam sponge and dip it into the white paint. Brush over the stencil until the arrow is covered in white. Lift stencil to see your white painted arrow.

Lastly, use your Sharpie to write “To” and “From” on gift tags or on the side of your wrapped presents!

Of course, I have a lot more than 5 presents to wrap. I just wanted to show you the different ways of how you can easily embellish your presents…because personalized gifts make the best gifts. For most of my presents, I’ll probably end up using mostly ribbons, pom poms and decorative flowers. Painting can get a little tiresome, but I thought it would be cute to do on one or two boxes, just enough to add some variety in your pile of beautifully wrapped gifts! Enjoy!

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