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This past weekend, I just discovered the greatest thing ever….and that would be: Thai rolled ice cream! Oh my god. How did I live without this my entire life?!

I went to Philly to visit a friend and she introduced me to this amazing deliciousness. She told me that her dad first heard about Thai rolled ice cream from watching Philadelphia’s 6 ABC News. So after dinner one day, my friend and her dad went to a place in Chinatown to try Thai rolled ice cream for the very first time.

Afterwards, she then introduced the rolled ice cream to me as well. Thai rolled ice cream is basically made by pouring cream and flavorings on a super cold metal surface; a worker then flattens it out and scrapes the ice cream into a rolled piece. My friend and I went to Ice Max, which is located on South Street in Philly. At this location, you can pick a flavor and then select up to 3 toppings for a total of only $7. We ordered the following 4 flavors (check out the pics below):

  • Mango with strawberry and whipped cream
  • Oreo with chocolate chips and whipped cream
  • Banana & Nutella with chocolate chips, chocolate syrup and whipped cream
  • Strawberry & Graham Crackers with coconut flakes, caramel syrup and whipped cream

Thai Rolled Ice Cream is now my new and forever obsession. I will get one every time I come to Philly!!! If you are ever in the area, check out a Thai rolled ice cream place. I believe there are a few locations in Philly so just search it up on Yelp and choose which one you want to go to!

Location: Ice Max




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