Hi everyone! I feel like it’s been sooo long since I wrote my last blog post! To be honest, a lot happened this year – from getting engaged, moving into a new place and planning the wedding! Therefore, I apologize for being somewhat MIA on my personal website. But hey, at least it’s a GOOD busy, right?!

My official wedding date is March 1st 2019. So as you can imagine, trying to do it all during the midst of the holidays has been crazy!  It has been the busiest past 2 months for me:

  • In early November, I went on my bachelorette trip in Cancun, Mexico. Then I came home to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday…and the week after that magically became Thanksgiving!
  • December comes along and what did I do?! I finalized my wedding menu, assessed many holiday events with family and friends, sent out wedding invitations and lastly, did my Christmas shopping duties.

Because of my hectic life lately, I was having trouble maintaining a healthy sleep schedule. Thanks to MYK Silk, my silk beauty eye mask  helps me sleep better! It is seriously SO soft against my skin that I feel like I’m in relaxing in my own personal spa bed. The mask covers my eyes completely, which makes me get a full night’s sleep. It is certainly breathable, durable and most importantly, chemical free!

Not only does it help me sleep, but this pure mulberry silk also makes my face looking refreshed because:

  1. It helps prevent wrinkles, puffy eyes and dark circles.
  2. The material retains the moisture on my skin, which is great during these cold, wintery nights!

This eye mask is truly a great product. In fact, my eye mask is one of the most affordable pure silk options that I have ever come across. I suggest you get yours today by using my promo code for 15% off EVERYTHING: NATHANIA15 — This discount also applies to affordable silk pillowcases (which I plan on getting by the way) and their newest scrunchies & chemise!

If you have any questions about MYK Silk products, feel free to e-mail or drop me a question in the comments below!


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