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When I’m home, I usually either have HGTV or the Food Network channel just playing on my TV in the background. I also love the show Chopped. So when my cousins and I came across the NY Food Network’s Iron Chef event online, we knew we had to go.

We all took an early bus trip to NYC so that we can have an entire day venturing the city. Mike and I departed from Philly, which is only a 2-hour bus ride to NYC. When we arrived, we had brunch, visited bakeries, walked around Time Square and then checked into our Hilton hotel that we booked for one night. The NY Iron Chef event started at 6:00 PM, which is right on time for dinner! Tickets were about $200 per person, but it was honestly so worth it because we got to:

  • Try 30+ dishes created by the best chefs
  • Took advantage of the open bar that had great wine, whiskey, and vodka options
  • Met many top chefs from the Food Network channel

The food was all so delicious. There were several dishes to try such as risotto, dumplings, sandwiches, meats, ice cream and the list goes on. Since it was fall, a lot of the chefs incorporated butternut squash into their meals. I loved watching the chefs doing their best to perfect each meal so that they can properly serve their guests.

While we walked station to station for food, we enjoyed the different types of bars that were set up – wine, whiskey and vodka. They even had Four Roses, which is one of Mike’s favorites! There was also some cool photo stations to take pictures at with friends! The atmosphere of it all was great, especially because they had a huge live band playing music!

Lastly, all the guests were able to meet the top chefs in person and take pictures with them…How cool, right?! Mike stood in line and met with Morimoto! Unfortunately, I was too busy stuffing my face with food and missed it…haha! Even though I didn’t get a chance to personally meet them, anyone could see the famous chefs from afar as they were eating the food on stage.

Overall, I loved the event! It lasted until for hours until 10:00 PM. In fact, I am already planning to attend the same event next year! Everything was very well planned. As you can see from what I mentioned above, there were many great things to see and experience…so if you ever are planning a trip to NYC, keep a lookout for the Food Network events during the fall!

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