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For Memorial Day weekend, my girlfriends and I took a trip to Miami! I was super excited to go, but I was dreading the fact that it would go by so fast within a blink of an eye…and I was absolutely right! We had so much fun. This is actually my second time going to Miami. I went there for the first time with my parents years ago so I didn’t really get a full taste of the Miami nightlife if you know what I mean! I couldn’t go to the clubs with my parents LOL.

On Thursday morning, we flew to Miami and arrived around noon. We first went to the grocery store so we can get cases of water, snacks, alcohol and a mini cooler that we can bring with us to the beach during the day. It saved us a lot of money during the daytime because we had our own drinks and snacks! We basically spent most of our money on lunch, dinner and at the bars at night. After we went grocery shopping, we checked into a pretty hotel called the Eden Roc. The hotel had a nice lobby, pool area, a short walking distance to the beach and restaurants attached to it, which was really convenient for us to get lunch every day. Since we had a long day of traveling and getting settled in, we kept it lowkey by going out to get sushi for dinner and walking around the city at night.

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The next day, we went out to the beach! It was humid out, but the blue waters were just sooo nice to be in! To cool off, we ordered some coconuts and it had mixed vodka or rum of your choice, yum! I also took out champagne from my cooler and made us some mimosas! For dinner that night, we went to a Japanese restaurant called Nobu. My boyfriend’s mom came to join us as well because she recently moved to Miami! My girlfriends and I then went to a club called Liv. Luckily for us, the promoter got us a limo and into VIP with bottle service….all for only $40 each! It’s awesome to be a girl sometimes! 😉 LIV is probably our favorite club that we went to this past weekend! The crowd and music was enjoyable and we obviously enjoyed the VIP service.

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For the next couple days, we did the usual – going to the beach, hanging out by the pool, eating, drinking, shopping and repeat! I bought a few handmade jewelry on the beach. I’m pretty sure the seller was a gypsy though because she tried to give us fortunes for each of us based on our individual horoscopes…and the fortunes were kind of, um…strange! Haha! I typically like to collect a bracelet from every place that I travel to. It’s been my usual routine and I plan on continuing the tradition!

Finally, it was Monday and it was time for us to go home. Our flight wasn’t until 4:00 PM so we went tried Cuban food for lunch! I had a delicious burger with some type of yummy sauce, mixed greens and onions. It also came with yuca fries, which I tried for the first time and loved it! Check out the pictures below. What did you guys do for Memorial Day weekend?!

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