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The following week after my Cancun trip, I went to Martha’s Vineyard for the very first time. I’ve heard many great things about this place so I was super excited to spend the week here. Martha’s Vineyard is a small island off of Massachusetts. Because there is no direct flight to this island, you usually have to make a stop in between flights or take a ferry from Boston to the vineyard. I took a flight from Philadelphia to Boston and from Boston to Martha’s Vineyard.

In describing Martha’s Vineyard, I would say that the island is very rustic. There are no fancy perks here. They have nice houses, but it only has the essentials that you need without having any materialistic interiors. For example, you won’t see granite kitchen countertops, ceiling to floor glass showers or even central air conditioning. The people here make sure that this island stays true to its roots by restricting the number of buildings that can be built. Therefore, you can see lots of land and greenery that still remains intact to this day.

I stayed at a house that my cousin and her husband rented for a week. We had 4 bedrooms, a small kitchen, window fans, a screened patio and a small TV. The bathrooms were kept simple with just a regular tub and shower curtain. Because of its wood floors, ship lap walls and simple furnishings, the house had a rustic cabin charm to it.

It is good to take note that there are absolutely no chain restaurants or stores on this island. As I have mentioned before, the island is very rustic. Therefore, the residents kept their local farm markets and only offer the freshest of foods:

  • They make and sell pies using only peaches, berries and apples that they recently collected that day.
  • They sell corn that they would pick up on their farms that day.
  • If they happen to only catch salmon that day, they will only sell salmon in their grocery stores.

When eating out at their restaurants, you’ll notice that their seafood dishes are very fresh as well. Considering that they live on an island, the people get their fishes, mussels and scallops from the nearby waters. They also only use their fresh grown vegetables too!

We spent most of our time in Edgartown because our house is right near this specific area. Like all the other small towns on the island, Edgartown is pretty quaint. It has a small movie theater, clothing boutiques, quirky bookstores and art galleries to shop and look at. We also saw a video store…something similar to that of a Blockbuster! During the evenings, we went out at night there to check out the bar scene too. The dress attire on the island is usually semi-casual. The girls wear flowy dresses, while the guys wear khaki pants with v-necks or lightweight button down shirts.

As for the beach, the scenery consisted of a nearby lagoon, clear waters, people doing watersports and families bringing their dogs with them to hang out. We let a little air out of our tires and drove our SUV onto the beach. As soon as we picked a spot, we unloaded our car, laid down some towels and crack opened some beers.

Lastly, we briefly visited a llama farm, which is typically what Martha’s Vineyard is known for. Yes, I said it – a llama farm! I learned that raising llamas on your own ranch can offer some great tax advantages and provide additional profit for the owners. I am not exactly sure about the specific details, but I was just ecstatic that I was able to see a real-life llama…and they are huge!



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