Now that chokers are totally trendy again, I often like to make my own handmade choker necklaces. It is inexpensive and also enjoyable to design your own as well. You’ll often see that Vanessa Mooney and other designer brands will sell these long choker necklaces at a steep price. Below are step-by-step instructions on how you can make a choker for much less.

Here are photos of me wearing the chokers that I handmade myself. The style is very similar to the Vanessa Mooney necklace that I wanted, but couldn’t get myself to spend $60. Therefore, I decided to make my own!

Untitled - chokers

Materials:2 - OSQP6308

  • Measuring tape
  • Microfiber faux suede cord (any color of your choice – black, cognac, gray, etc)
  • Scissors
  • Beads of your choice
  • Beadalon liquid adhesive



  1. Measure and cut a long piece of microfiber faux suede cord that is approximately 65 inches. (Note: For this particular necklace that I am making, I like the final product to be about 61 inches. Therefore, I first measured 65 inches so I have room to add beads and cut off the ends.
    3 - IMG_7985
  2. Once cut, move the faux suede cord end down to the 63” mark of the measuring tape.I use this measuring tape as a guide so I know where I want the bead to be located, which will be at the 60” of the measuring tape.4 - IMG_7986
  3. Slide your bead onto the cord.If the hole of the bead is too small for the cord to go through, you want to slant cut the end of the cord in half so that it is skinnier. Once the end of the cord is cut skinnier, you can now slide the cord through the bead hole. Place bead at the 60” mark of the measuring tape. See pictures below for visual guidance:
    5 - IMG_7987       6 - IMG_7988
    7 - IMG_7989
  4. Tie a knot near the end of the cord, but right next to the bead so the bead doesn’t fall out – This knot will basically serve as a stopper.Because this bead is on the cord tight enough and doesn’t move around, I didn’t need to tie another knot at the other side of the bead.
    8 - IMG_79909 - IMG_7991
  5. With scissors, cut off the slant end of the cord. Voila! You finished one end of your necklace.Now do the same to the other end of the microfiber faux suede cord – Align the necklace against the measuring tape, add the bead on to the other end as to where the final necklace will measure approximately 61 inches.10 - IMG_7992
  6. Optional: Use a drop of the liquid adhesive onto the knots if you want it to be more secure.
  7. Once finished, you can wrap it around your neck twice – as shown above in my cognac suede with silver beads.
    If you want the look of my cognac suede with turquoise beads, which is wrapped around my neck once, please note that I made this final necklace to be approximately 51 inches.
    However, if you want either necklaces to be longer (due to personal preference or size of your neck, etc.), you are free to do so! ENJOY 🙂

Below are some of the many choker necklaces that I’ve made using beads that I’ve collected this summer:

11 - IMG_7967

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