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WFUT8783 (2)So last week I took a trip to Cancun, Mexico with my family and friends. Woohoo! Even though this is my fifth time coming to Cancun, this place never gets old to me. I mean…who could not love the extra sunny days, true blue waters and the sand between the toes? I spent most of my days relaxing at the beach, drinking pina coladas and stuffing my face with guacamole at our all-inclusive resort.

Of course, I traveled outside of the hotel resort and went shopping at the local thrift stores. The only things I purchased were these awesome handmade bracelets. I am a huge fan of eclectic bracelets that are beaded, braided or leather. I love collecting and wearing various bracelets because I think the look defines my creative style and free-spirited personality. Therefore, I always try to buy unique bracelets from the places I travel to.

My favorite part(s) of the trip was the fact that I could wear bikinis every day… and have copious amounts of yummy fruity drinks! It was a great opportunity to unwind and spend time with my parents, brother, aunt and uncle, cousins and the boyfriend. Check out the pics below 🙂

(2) TJUB3827

(3) IMG_8487

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(6) IMG_8455

IMG_8989 (2)


(8) IVOU2544

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