The Notebook


Banks is seriously one of my favorite female artists. I had the pleasure of seeing her perform live last year when she was the opener for The Weeknd concert in DC. She was phenomenal! She sang several of my favorite songs – Beggin for Thread, Brain, Waiting Game, Drowning and many more.

I love her dark, alternative R&B sound. It’s unfortunate that she is so underrated, but I consider her to be such a rising star. At the same time, I’m also kind of secretly glad that she’s not so mainstream (yet). I typically rock out to her music in my car and also in my room as I doll myself up before a night out in town.

Recently, she released three new singles, all of which I love – Gemini Feed (my favorite), Mind Games & F*** with Myself. I am currently counting down the days until Banks releases her new album Altar on September 30, 2016…yassss! So if you’re interested in looking for new music, I suggest you give Banks a listen!

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