I don’t know about you, but for years I’ve had my scarves and purses all in a pile. I honestly just didn’t have any space in my closet (or room) to neatly put them together!  I am obsessed with scarves so I have a ton of them. As for purses, I couldn’t stack them side by side…or have anywhere to hang them all. Because of this issue, I couldn’t keep track of where some of my things were. My crossbody purses just end up getting tangled together and my scarves were being placed sporadically around the house.

Therefore, I decided that I need a stand to hold all my accessories! Because my room is quite small, I didn’t want some big bulky thing to take space in a corner of my room. I mean, I need my floor space! I like to keep my room open as much as possible. However, as I tried to shop for an accessories stand that I could possibly buy, I keep finding them to be all so BULKY. I just couldn’t get myself to buy these huge stands. Also, the ones I’ve seen weren’t that cute. Sooo I had this super cool idea to make my own instead! The best part is that I only spent $30 to make my own accessories stand!

To make my own accessories stand, I want to make a ladder by getting pine wood and staining them to my color of choice. In regards to interior design, a beautifully stained wooden ladder offers a rustic, organic element to any given space. It acts as an additional accent piece, while being functional at the same time! This ladder is great because it takes up very minimal space – It just has to lean against a wall! You can even tuck the ladder away by putting it behind your dresser or sliding it into your closet.


  • 3 long pieces of pine wood (have someone at Home Deport cut one piece into blocks of different sizes so they can be horizontal bars for your ladder)
  • Screws
  • Screw gun
  • Sand paper
  • Paint roller & Tray
  • White rag
  • Wood stain (color of your choice): Pick whatever wood stain color that you desire. For my project, I picked Sherwin Williams / Wood Classics – Rustic Gray.


  1. Stop by your local store (I went to Home Depot) and get 3 long pieces of wood. I got pine wood for $4 each!
  2. I held up two pieces of wood side by side; angled it towards each other so that the distance from the bottom becomes wide to narrow at the top.
  3. Next, I had someone hold the 3rd piece horizontally towards the bottom, marked off the section on where it should be cut (based on eyeing/measuring the distance between the 2 wood pieces to make a ladder). IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to measure to have extra wood hanging out on the sides –>This is where your purse straps can hang off the ladder.
    • Once the first piece is marked, keep moving the wood piece up the ladder and marking off sections to be cut. I ended up having 5 sections measured because I personally wanted 5 bars to be on my ladder.
  4. I asked a Home Depot employee to cut my 3rd pine wood into blocks of different sizes, based on sections that I marked off. The sizes of each block should get shorter and shorter so that these bars can be stacked upwards on the ladder (as you have measured it).
  5. Bring home the wood. Sand down all the wood pieces with sand paper.
  6. Pour your wood stain onto the tray.
  7. Take your paint roller, dip it into the wood stain and paint your wood. As you paint a section of your wood, rub off the paint with a white rag so the excess paint comes off and the color stains the wood.
  8. Leave stained wood pieces to dry overnight. 
  9. Once dried, place the wood pieces on the floor as to how you want it to be nailed together.
  10. Use your screw gun to screw two screws on both sides of each plank bar.

Ta daaa! Your ladder is ready for some accessorizing! Hang some scarves on the bars. Have your purses hang along the extra sides that are sticking out of the ladder. Enjoy! I hope you find this ladder to be useful as much as it is to me!

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